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SLAL, Growing on the West Coast

Here On The WWW.

If you haven't noticed, we now have our own domain name. The web site overhaul has begun.

Xavier Solutions Inc. is the name of the company I own and operate.

Play Time

My Car

I have always been a fan of Carroll Shelby. You know, the guy who created the Shelby Cobra, some tweaked and tuned Mustangs and my car, the Dodge Omni, GLH Turbo. What?? Check it out, an Omni with 146 horsepower, and it isn't even the fastest Dodge front driver he built.

I currently have a red 86 GLH with a light blue interior. I bought it second hand in 92 after Coors, my silver 86 GLH, was stolen and torched. (Coors, the silver bullet, get it?) When I say torched, I mean it. I still have a puddled piece of aluminum from the melted front bumper.


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