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Background on Myself and Xavier

Well, I have to say that Xavier doesn't really exist. My name is Scott Jurgen Petersen. The name Xavier is real only in the qualities that it stands for.

A little bit of information about me is in order I suppose. I have been running Xavier Consulting for about 4 years now. For a period of time it was simply a catch all for all the work I did outside of whatever my main job was at the time. I ran it as a serious, pay all my bills, type business for about six months. I decided that I loved the work but I didn't like looking for work. It has always been difficult to sell my abilities. This is not a good thing when you constantly need to convince people that you are the best thing.

I have a great number of interests. From computers (obviously) to cars to preventing violence in the home.

For those of you who are interested, the inspiration for my company name came from Marvel Comics' X-Men comic. Professor Xavier was the leader of the X-Men for many years. He was a brilliant, caring and honest man who also happened to be a paraplegic. I admire his qualities in people so the name Xavier holds special meaning for me.

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